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The Baby Suite 0-2 years

Baby Suite - Baby playing with rattle.Enter into an environment where the emotional well being of the young child is paramount, where sensory and Baby Suite - Baby playing with toy.physical exploration are provided in a warm and supportive environment. We feel that by adhering to the young Childs` own physical routines they become settled, contented and take pleasure in movement, communication and learning through play.

Hollie and her qualified Team of practitioners take pride in providing experiences that involve using the senses such as relaxing music and aesthetic materials, offering a secure and loving environment for every child in their care. The baby suite is fully self-contained with a kitchen, sleep room and changing area close at hand, thus creating a homely environment. Through the use of daily diaries we can communicate with parents about significant events that happen during your childs day, the progress of each child is carefully monitored in order to promote appropriate development. Our soft play room offers unlimited excitement and encourages physical development with ease.Baby Suite - Babies playing with toys.

Hollie and her Team offer unlimited personal attention to help you and your child feel happy and secure as they do at home. All the children have a Key Person whom they can bond with and build a strong relationship. Amy our Parent Liaison Co-Ordinator is qualified in baby yoga and baby massage.

A separate physical suite for tottering tots is available as the children's discovery of their environment becomes more meaningful and intentional, as they increase in their mobility and speech this room provides an array of equipment, where children can use their bodies to dance & move with confidence and learning, encouraging individual large motor skills and independence, in preparation for the transition into the Toddler group at approx 22 months.

Hollie is looking forward to meeting you and welcoming you to our Baby Suite, where your child will thrive and grow with us and above all be loved, feel special and have fun!

The ratio for 0 to 2 years is one adult to three children.

Room 1( Tiddlers )

A beautifully well appointed room set in our self contained baby suite, enjoying the bright sunlight on our top floor, our very young children can enjoy plenty of play gyms, activity centres and boxes of brightly coloured toys to encourage and stimulate inquisitive hands and little fingers. Children can enjoy a bright and airy room with plenty of floor space to practice walking and plenty of floor toys on lovely low shelves to encourage movement and self selection. Music features daily.

Room 2 ( Crawling )

Our beautiful sensory, soft play room, awaits the adventurous to promote each child's gross motor skills whilst engrossed in play, having fun learning to crawl and roll around, come with us to a wonderful fun place full of colour and brightness to enhance visual & physical development and enquiring minds.

Physical & Dance Suite

A separate room dedicated to Physical Development. The Early Years Foundation Stage 2014 states that: "Physical Development involves providing opportunities for young children to be active and interactive; and to develop their co-ordination, control, and movement. Children must also be helped to understand the importance of physical activity, and to make healthy choices in relation to food."

This dedicated Suite provides opportunities for children to explore, from sitting on their own to throwing a ball, children gradually develop the physical skills needed for their adult lives. Physical development includes both growth and the ability to use muscles and body parts for particular skills. Throughout the early years, children are learning to do new things with their bodies and this Suite encourages these skills, through dance, movement, Gross & Fine Motor Activities.

As children grow in their appreciation of the beauty of music & dance, they will acquire a gift that will bring them great pleasure. Music brings another dimension to their lives together with movement these will enhance children's development in many ways.

Boogie Beat is now here at nursery.

Boogie Beat are music & movement classes which are energetic & fun, They combine music, song and dance to give children a structured and enjoyable learning and development experience. They use a wide range of props, including puppets, scarves, bean bags, big ball, parachute and much more!

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